Burns deposited fats in a fatigue-free cycle

  • Reduces weight without exhausting diets and workouts
  • Reduces appetite
  • Removes excess fat from the body
  • Normalizes metabolism
  • Burns fat in hard-to-reach areas
  • Leaves no stretch marks
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Without drastic diets

Without exhausting workouts

No negative impact on immunity

No side effects

Dietica also works during sleep

During sleep, many vital processes occur, including metabolic and food assimilation processes, but in a slowed - down manner. Dietica l Cleanse also acts during sleep, to promote lipolysis.

Dietica l Cleanse acts, regardless of your lifestyle, mode of nutrition and physical activity.

The formula of Dietica l Cleanse is designed to make sure that the food taken during the day does not become fat, but energy. The active components, will act using the useful substances of the food, eliminating those of waste, favoring a greater consumption of calories. For this, it will be possible to lose weight without fatigue.

You lose weight while you sleep!

Dietica - effective combination of active biocomponents

Kelp chlorella:

It absorbs most toxins, lowers cholesterol, increases immunity and effectively fights infections.

Aloe vera:

It provides energy and has an antioxidant effect for the human body.

Dandelion extract:

It helps the normalization of the intestinal bacterial microflora, cleanses the liver and kidneys, relieves edema due to water retention.


They have an antibacterial effect and purify from toxins produced by food and medicines (including antibiotics). They have anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antioxidant properties.

Pepper and garlic extract:

They remove parasites, fight viruses, fungi and bacteria. They improve the functioning of the liver, kidneys, heart and digestive tract.

Citrus pectin:

It gently cleanses the digestive tract, kidneys, liver and all other organs from slags.


It removes toxins from the organs, and helps the proper functioning of the latter. It also normalizes digestion.

Licorice extract:

It removes harmful substances from the blood and lymphatic system, helps to repair and strengthen the skin and hair, and prevents various pathologies.

2ч : 52м : 05с

How does Dietica work?


One serving 2 times a day before meals, contributes to the normalization of metabolism and the elimination of excess weight and fat.


With the help of this supplement you will not only lose weight, but also improve the overall health of the body thanks to the wonderful antioxidant formula contained in each serving.

  • Regularizes the intestine
  • Normalizes metabolism
  • Burns excess fat

Expert opinion

In February 2019, clinical trials on the use of Dietica l Cleanse were carried out at the National Food Center
  • group: 300 people of different weight and social class
  • level of intake: 20 days as indicated

“According to the results of numerous clinical studies it turned out that the problem of obesity in Europe is increasing. Every year the number of obese people is constantly growing. Obese people are more at risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease and even liver disease. For a long time we went in search of a product that burns fat and restores normal levels of the organism. In the end we managed to create Dietica l Cleanse .”

Michele Lattanzi

Expert in dietetics and aesthetic medicine

Common results
  • General health improvement
    100% of patients
  • Total disappearance of any type of stomach pain
    100% of patients
  • Disappearance of visceral fat (internal)
    98% of patients
  • Decrease in subcutaneous fat and cellulite
    95% of patients
Decrease in belly volume
Of patients
Of 5-7 см
Of patients
Of 8-10 см
Of patients
Of 11+ см
Weight decrease
Weight of 6-10 кg


Of patients
Of 11-15 кg


Of patients
Of 16+ кg


Of patients

€ 415 000 invested in in

The Dietica formula was created after 5 years of research involving European pharmaceutical professionals.

For the production of the product, a laboratory has been created that meets all EU quality standards, using modern technologies and using the best ingredients.

It took 3 years to develop and create the innovative formula of Dietica l Cleanse, thanks also to the results of our customers ' tests.

The results of our customers

-11 см
-8 kg

32 years old, housewife, mom of two bamini

I feel like I've never been so beautiful, even before I got pregnant!

-15 см
-12 kg

41 years old, University professor

My new silhouette is the pride of my daughter, the envy of my friends and incredible self-confidence :)

Franco Pizza
-13 см
-10 кg

64 years old, retired official

I started to feel better, I have no more bad breath and the belly does not give me any more problems

2ч : 52м : 05с


Isabella, 35 years old

Since childhood I was sturdy. That's why I had trouble with the boys. I tried a lot of preparations and the results were not great. In addition, problems with health appeared. A short time ago, a friend recommended me Dietica, and said that she lost more than 7 kg in 20 days! At first I did not believe it, but when I saw her-did not recognize it.

You really lost those pounds! And of course I bought it myself, doing a full cycle following the instructions. Thanks Dietica.

Anna, 27 years old

I took so many kg after pregnancy and all my free time I dedicated it in the gym with the hope of returning to the weight of before.

I lost only 2 kg but I recovered twice as much shortly after. I also thought about liposuction, but it's too expensive. On one forum I read the article describing Dietica l Cleanse , I was immediately excited, so I decided to order it. In just over a month I reached my form weight, slimming by 10kg and without going to the gym. I would never have expected such a result in such a short time.

Margherita, 37 years old

When around you there are only models, and sports is not for you everything is very sad.

When the doctor tells you that the belly resembles a pillow and this is not a good thing for health, you begin to worry. Then by pure chance you see the product Dietica l Cleanse and decide to try. Almost a month I use Dietica l Cleanse and the belly is coming back flat and the sizes are dropping fast! I would never have thought that my problem was such an easy solution! and gradually the stretch marks are also disappearing. A great product, I recommend it to everyone.

Alda, 46 years old

I've always been lean, but over time, the weight started to increase, and that's obviously not new.

I began to try everything, including diets from the dietician. I was always stressed - not being able to eat my favorite dishes.. I resisted 2 months and lost 4 kg then gave up. I started eating again as before and even more! Result - + 6 kg in 20 days. I then spoke to a doctor who knew Dr. Parell Cleanse and recommended it to me. I take it for almost a month and thanks to the product I disappeared the constant feeling of hunger and appeared lightness. I eat as I always ate and do not get fat!

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